Sharing Positive


hello Tuesday!  Monday came and went this week and while I usually loath them, this one wasn’t bad!  So much to look forward to this week and next week is vacation! YAY!

I wanted to start my posting this week with some positive energy.  A positive project, if you will.. and you will, I hope!

At work few weeks ago, I was so impressed by someone I work with – her attitude, her helpfulness – that I emailed my HR contact to let her know.   I shared my joy with her about my co-worker.  And how she made my job easier and how much I appreciated her.    I wanted to share this with someone, and while, I could have emailed my co-worker directly, I wanted someone else to know how great I thought she was.    The response to my email “This made my day.”.  Hearing something POSITIVE about someone else actually made her day.

The point  – Sharing Positive Works.

Today’s positive project – share some joy with those around you.  Say something  kind.  Say something positive.





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