Caramel Bacon Cupcakes

My husband Loves bacon.  That’s right – capital L Love.    I made these salted caramel, spicy bacon cupcakes for his birthday!

bacon header

His birthday this year was right after we got married.  I wanted to make something that would totally surprise him and that I knew he would love.  The Caramel Bacon Cupcakes did both!

First things first, Bacon.  Thick cut is the best, to me, for these because you need something that is going to hold up to being the star of the show .. the bacon toppers.  I rub the slices with a sweet spicy mixture and bake to crispy perfection.

For the base, I used a vanilla cake recipe and added bits of chopped up bacon and a sprinkle of maple flakes.  I usually don’t do homemade cake because I think the real magic is in the icing and details!   (details, details, details!)  

Salted caramel (via The Pioneer Woman) was mixed into a classic vanilla buttercream.  I used a large round tip for these.  Once I started using piping bags and tips, there was no turning back!  So easy!  I don’t know what why you wouldn’t use them.  An easy way to make homemade look professionally done!

They were topped with spicy bacon dipped in the salted caramel!  I love the way the caramel sauce runs down the icing as well.  Final detail, the red & white checkered liners.

bacon 2