Kitchen Pantry List {printable}

A small house if full of charm and ultra small cabinets.  Tackling a tiny kitchen has been my battle for 5 years!  I have added bookcases and wall shelves.  I turned my laundry “nook” into additional kitchen/pantry space with industrial shelving.  The one area that hasn’t been touched is the very narrow built-in pantry cabinet.   The cabinet is only about 12″ wide and very deep.  This makes finding items in the back nearly impossible.  I am constantly shoving things back there only to find them in the “once-every-6-months” clean out.  UGH!   I forget what I have stored and I re-buy.  This is such a waist of time & money!

kitchen checklist banner

During my Fall Cleaning weekend, I decided it was time to find a solution to this issue.  I need a easy way to “see” what I had.  I keep like ingredients together – a shelf for sauces and spices, a baking shelf that holds all mixes, flours/sugars and add-ins.  And a shelf for coffee and tea bags (yes, we drink a lot!).  (Canned goods are stored in the laundry nook / pantry.)  I started with painting the inside of the cabinet door with chalkboard paint.    I like this option – it is one way to label the shelves.  Or note what I need on the next trip to the store.

kitchen checklist Collage

Next, I wanted way to record what baking neccesities I had on hand.  I created this checklist in illustrator. (you could easier make this in picmonkey or even just word, if you needed too)  I listed each of my categories : Cake Mixes, Flours/Sugars, Nuts & Chips (chocolate, butterscotch, PB), and Add-ins.    Allowed columns for flavor/style and quantity.   I left a space under each for items I may need to replace or items that I have seen in a recipe that I need to pick up.  Now I can check this before heading to the market.

I laminated it to make it re-usable.  Using a mini clipboard (spray painted bronze!), the list hangs perfectly inside my little pantry!

Here’s the PDF printable!  kitchen pantry list.-free-printabl

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The 7 : Kitchen Registry Ideas

I love making lists.  I think it’s my get it done, mark it off, don’t forget it, stay on top of it personality.  Most of my lists don’t get completed or end up in a pile of papers somewhere.  But, I at least I try.  🙂  Here is my first “list” … a collection of things I love.  The 7 : Kitchen Registry Ideas.  Enjoy!

Registry shopping was such a fun experience.  It was like shopping without the guilt of spending money!  We have such generous family and friends and got a lot of really great gifts.  Here are a few of my favorite gifts for the kitchen.


1.  Crate and Barrel Marin Dinnerware in White.  Love this for everyday and the color mixes and matches with everything!  I didn’t want to be committed to one color pallet or theme.  I wanted something that could be used for all occasions and would allow me to mix in fun serving and seasonal pieces.  I recommend registering for the 4 place setting set as well as additional individual pieces.  This way you give a range of prices.  Some people may want to go in together on a gift (the bigger purchase) while others will want to spend a little less.  Variety is key!

2.  Digital Measuring Cup.  This does standard liquid measurements by volume but also has a digital scale for weight measurements.  It’s a great 2 for 1 item!  Any kitchen gadget that has more than one use is awesome.  I use this a lot for baking but also for portioning other ingredients for cooking (meats, for example).

3.  Digital Oil & Candy Thermometer.  If you are like me and heating up a big pot of oil on the stove scares the crap out of you, then you need this.  I had a non-digital version that I would us but this guy allows you to set the temperature for lots of preset items (for frying or candy making) and beeps when you are at the right temp.  I feel much safer knowing my oil isn’t too hot.  You must still use common sense, but you knew that.

4.  Clark Flatware. Matte finish. Nice heavy weight. Good size.  Perfect for everyday and coordinating with modern kitchens.

5.  Wine Rack.  I love these.  They are inexpensive and look really great when you hang 2 or more together.

6.  Milk Frother.  We. Love. Coffee.  This amazing milk frother was a little indulgent but the great thing about wedding gifts is sometimes you can indulge.  I use skim milk during the week in my coffee and save the heavy 1/2 & 1/2 for the weekends.  The frother takes skim milk and makes it wonderfully warm and frothy.  Makes me feel like I’m cheating just a little : )

7.  Burr Coffee Grinder. This burr grinder stores a lot of beans and grinds at different levels.  It’s great for having freshly ground coffee everyday.  So easy!

What are some of you favorite registry items?